The Story of Paper Sculptz


A group of artists united by a simple philosophy. A belief that everyone has the capacity to create within them. All that’s needed is a little guidance.

We set out on a quest to find the best medium through which to make the joy of sculpting available to everyone. In the beginning, only 3 things were clear: the solution has to be accessible; it has to be beautiful and it has to be simple.

Suddenly the light dawned upon us- paper! So simple, yet so versatile and elegant at the same time. We combined the centuries-old art of origami with modern 3D modelling technologies to create something unique. Simple, printable paper templates for creating modern 3D paper sculptures that will leave anyone impressed.


Simple. Print the PDF template, cut the pieces and assemble the sculpture. Paper, scissors, glue and a pinch of patience- all that’s necessary to create unique paper craft sculptures. Yes, that simple.

The process of building the sculpture is a meditative journey in itself. An opportunity to slow down, get away from our screens and dive into a relaxed flow state by focusing and working with our hands. There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing a 3D shape arise from a flat pile of paper.


Whether as a creative present or a personal design project, our models are a great way to awaken the inner artist. Choose you spirit animal and enter the world of 3D DIY paper craft. There is a model for everyone.


Paper Sculptz